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Antofagasta, Los Pelambres


KnowledgeScape’s SAG mill optimization software is the best expert control software in the world.  It has no peers.  It was created by the best control team in the world because nothing else was good enough.  When the best expert control team in the world implements the best expert control strategy in the world using the best software in the world, the results are staggering.

The following figures represent the performance gains achieved using the KnowledgeScape expert control software and strategy at Los Pelambres in Chile.  Los Pelambres is a new plant with the most sophisticated DCS control available.  The operations staff is excellent.  These results are typical of a well implemented adaptive control strategy and can be obtained at any plant in the world.  Figure 1 and Figure 2 represent the feed rate for SAG-Mill line 1.

Mill Line 1: Note the shift in the curve to the right and the narrowing of the tails.  The shift to the right represents the shift in the mean production.  The narrowing of the histogram tails is a result of the remarkably smooth operation of the control strategy.  Wild feed rate fluctuations are eliminated, resulting in smoother downstream operation.  Even though production was dramatically improved, the product size of the secondary ball milling was reduced and recovery increased.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 9.34.50 AM

The results in SAG-Mill line 2 are even more dramatic.  Because of segregation on the coarse feed stockpile, SAG-mill 2 receives a higher percentage of coarse material.  The KnowledgeScape strategy’s ability to maintain smooth and stable operation of the mill was more apparent when contrasted to the DCS control on the “difficult” line.

SAG MIll Optimization at

Financial Benefit

Note that these histograms represent a combined throughput increase of 13.4 % or roughly 15,000 tons per day. This increase in production resulted in an increase of gross revenue between $55 Million and $78 Million per year. Notice that this project took place in 2002, and the price of copper is now close to 5 times higher.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 10.58.42 AM


The production increases at Los Pelambres are not exaggerated.  They are real and are available to anyone.  There is not a plant in the world where similar improvements cannot be made. We are experts in this field, and we would love the opportunity to discuss your current circuit with you.

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