Retrofit PlantVision on Split or Metso Cameras

Many of our customers have used image analysis systems from Split Online or Metso Minerals and have been unsatisfied with the poor level of service, low frequency of updates, lack of reliability and high price of these vendors. They are choosing to install the PlantVision software instead. In most cases, PlantVision  can use the existing camera installations with little or no modification.

You’ve already made the investment in the Metso/split system so a PlantVision  upgrade is now the single best  improvement you can make to your processing system. Two versions are available, one for conveyor belt course particle size analysis, and the other is for froth flotation analysis. Both are extremely user friendly and very effective.

We guarantee better service, better reliability and lower price than our competitors. If you have a Metso or Split system, call us for a retrofit and a better experience.


Course Particle Size Analysis:

With PlantVision, our years of pioneering and perfecting have culminated in the most accurate, reliable, and trusted image analysis software available. PlantVision s extremely user friendly for both operations and maintenance staff. If an operator needs to change the area of interest on a conveyor belt where the particle size analysis is performed, they can simply draw a rectangle by clicking and dragging the mouse on the live video feed over the desired area, and PlantVision  will then perform course particle size image analysis for the selected area.  Calibrations are also very simple and minimize downtime. We simply stop the belt and shovel the area under the camera. This is easily done in a few minutes. Other software products require taking a very long belt cut, running the belt under the camera, and then stopping. This is hard for the lab, requires moving a lot of material at once, and limits the mounting locations to positions further from the mill. With PlantVision, calibration can be done during normal maintenance times, and each cut is just a few 5 gallon buckets of muck, as opposed to several 55 gallon drums

Split Conveyor Image anlysis comparison


Image Analysis for Froth Flotation:

The PlantVision  froth imaging software uses specially designed algorithms to accurately measure important values that characterize the efficiency and performance of flotation cells. The data is made available via OPC communication, and when combined with an expert system, PlantVision  typically increases recovery by 2-4%. The data can also be used directly by operators, and since subjectivity is removed from the froth analysis by PlantVision , a manual control strategy can be implemented that is now beneficial and consistent between operator shifts. Operators can now view every flotation cell in realtime, and then perform individual image analysis on any cell to obtain valuable control information regarding pulling rates and reagent usage.

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