Low Cost Froth Flotation and Feed Belt Cameras to Increase Recovery and Throughput

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KnowledgeScape has pioneered the use of image analysis and froth cameras systems in minerals processing plants throughout the world.  In the 1990’s we were modeling concentrate grade based on froth color analysis. Over the years we have perfected the complex algorithms behind our image analysis software and created the most trusted froth flotation and feed belt  image analysis software available. Make compromises when selecting image analysis software, and you risk poor accuracy and repeatability from your system. Inconsistent image analysis software is very ineffective and it can do more harm than good. With PlantVision™, our years of pioneering and perfecting have culminated in the most accurate, reliable, consistent, and trusted image analysis software available. Not only is PlantVision™ the most accurate and reliable software available , we guarantee that we we can provide the best service, and the best price to our customers.

Our system will measure the following:

Froth: Velocity, color, texture, stability, bubble size, and cell lip detection 

Ore: Top size, P-numbers (customer defined), oversize detection, % fines, and color 

Industry Leading Hardware:

As innovators, the status quo isn’t in our interest. We’ve recently introduced a revolutionary approach to image analysis that is certain to set the new standard. We now run intelligent cameras, which have embedded CPU’s and run unique instances of the PlantVision software. This approach to distributed computing has several advantages for our clients, which can be summed up as follows; providing a superior product at a lower price than any competitor. Below we’ve highlighted some of these advantages

  • No Server required. This lowers project cost and allows future IT upgrades to occur independently.
  • Easy Single Wire Installations. Both power and data are transmitted through a single cable.
  • Distributed Computing. Never experience a plant-wide image analysis software crash/restart again. Individual cameras can be reset/restarted minimizing the negative impact to the entire APC system. Never have to upgrade a server just because you want to add more cameras to the system. In the past, you had to upgrade your server, or purchase a server that was sufficiently powerful enough to support your current project and any anticipated expansions. This created wasteful spending, or a large upfront cost to these projects. Now you can analyze just the areas you are interested in, and then expand at a later time without any financial penalty.
  • ALL-In-One Design. CPU/Lights/Camera/Mount are self contained in an IP67 enclosure for robustness and ease of install.
  • Intelligent Cameras. Each camera can run a unique calibration based on it’s specific location (models that combine breakage, natural segregation, etc for each camera location can be used). Programmable lighting automatically combats ambient light variations (times of day, year, etc) reducing the need for mechanical shielding. Realtime changes to frame rate and resolution ensure optimal performance is provided under all operating conditions. Each camera is fully programmable and controllable over the network allowing individual customization and updates.

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Flexible Software and PlantVision™ Retrofits:

For those with existing cameras, PlantVision™ can be retrofitted to provide the best possible image analysis available. PlantVision™ makes its data available to any data consumer using industry standard OPC communication.  This allows for easy interfacing to DCS and PLC systems, KSX or any other expert control software and data historians such as PHD or PI.  Images from the cameras can also be integrated into the existing plant DCS systems, for a completely integrated view for flotation/conveyor processes and control room operators. PlantVision runs on modern versions of Windows: Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server R2, 2003 Server, as well as on 2012 Server and Windows 8.PlantVision™ can interface with a wide variety of available camera types, allowing for the ultimate flexibility for installation.  We can use USB, Firewire, IP (Internet Protocol), CameraLink, or Analog (Coax Video) cameras.  This means that we can custom tailor your installation.  This ensures that we can retrofit the PlantVision™ software on your existing froth / conveyor camera installation regardless of the manufacturer. 

The world-class PlantVision image analysis software can also be retrofitted into any existing Metso or Split froth / conveyor camera system. Using our PlantVision software with your current Metso or Split camera system will turn your present ineffective data collection into valuable information and profitable results. You’ve already made the investment in the Metso/split system so a Plantvision upgrade is now the single best  improvement you can make to your processing system. Click here for more info on retrofitting.

More Info: Product Data Sheet


PlantVision runs on modern versions of Microsoft operating systems and makes its data available using the OPC communication protocol. It can connect with any DCS, PLC or Expert System software. It runs as a Windows Service, which allows for unattended startup and shutdown, automatic restarting and installation on physical or virtualized operating systems. When used with our KSX Expert System, you will be combining the latest and greatest of image analysis with the strongest decision making software available, for an unbeatable combination of reliable data and cutting edge process control.

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