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KnowledgeScape’s KSX software is our flagship product. This advanced process control software integrates fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical process control techniques and client server architecture to provide an easy to use, on line, real time, global optimization solution to the process control industry.

Through heuristic rules, the KSX software harnesses our over 30 years of experience in mineral processing optimization.  However, KSX goes even further then our 30 years of experience, as the software is intelligent and it is able to predict, react, and optimize for ever changing conditions.  As it continues to explore and improve, it will only build upon what we know. A plant manager once said it best after observing the KSX software explore and improve strategies at his plant: “…it taught us something (configuration of set points) we didn’t already know! ”
KSX is able to continuously adapt to ensure that your processes are being optimized. This includes accounting for and reacting to nonlinear factors that are not typically handled by other expert systems. An example would be liner/lifter wear, and steel ball wear in a mill. As these components begin to wear, KSX is able to adapt and optimize for these nonlinear factors. Most other systems simply cannot do this.

To make things better, KnowledgeScape’s customer support is second-to-none in the industry, our implementations are seamless, and our software interface is designed in such a way that an operator can quickly and easily harness its power to immediately increase productivity.

KSX can be used to improve any industrial process. KSX’s ability to provide a flexible and powerful optimization solution has made it the center of many of our optimization solutions:


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KnowledgeScape Key Features

Distributed Computing

KnowledgeScape can distribute its computational load over a local area network, or an internet virtual private network. This allows the user to configure as many neural networks and optimizers as desired and run them in parallel in real time and on-line. Each neural network and optimizer can be assigned to a client machine when it is started, or KnowledgeScape can determine the client with the least CPU load and distribute the task to that machine.

Standard Communications

KnowledgeScape communicates with the outside world using the OPC (OLE for Process Control) protocol. OPC is a standards based open communications protocol widely adopted in process control industries. We have been developing drivers for many years and can develop custom drivers where needed. No matter what, we can connect to your system.

Advanced Rule Scheduling

KnowledgeScape allows for four different types of rule scheduling. Theses types allow complete time or event based rule control. The rule scheduling option are:

  • At server configuration start up, allowing you to initialize variables or initiate start up processes.
  • Interval timing allows rules to be scheduled at a set time interval, every X seconds.
  • Calendar timing allows date intervals or recurring schedules such as the first Monday of the month or every day at 6 am.
  • Trigger rule scheduling looks for changes in specified attributes and then fires the rule.
Easy, English-based Rule Syntax

KnowledgeScape includes an easy to use rule editor that provides real-time parsing and syntax validation. It uses an intuitive, intention revealing, English based rule syntax. Syntax help lists display functions and keywords as well as context specific objects such as nodes and attributes. These syntax suggestions are updated in real time as the user types limiting the options and making rule creation as simple as possible. Process Engineers, Metallurgists, Chemists can write rules to clearly control the process. No programming expertise is required, and it is not necessary to learn a new programming language. This allows for the end user to maintain, and develop new applications in the plant with virtually no obstacles.

Genetic Algorithm Optimizer

KnowledgeScape provides genetic algorithm optimizers to quickly and effectively search large model spaces for user defined optima. They are robust, easy to use and quickly find global maxima that traditional search methods can miss. Optimizers can be configured to automatically select the best of many competing models when searching for optimum set points for the plant.

Real Time Trends

KnowledgeScape provides real time trends to track the process and control logic. The colors, time span and scale are user configurable with any number of traces allowed. Trends are a valuable tool to the strategy implementer for monitoring and troubleshooting the process and control.

Intuitive Fuzzy Logic Configuration

In KnowledgeScape each attribute can be configured to have multiple fuzzy sets representing different states. This configuration window is accessed from one of the tabs in the attributes configuration pane. Adding fuzzy sets is easily accomplished.

Real Time Tables

KnowledgeScape includes real time value tables to track the process values and control states. The colors, time span and scale are user configurable. Data can be viewed or edited making these a valuable tool for monitoring your process and making changes as needed.

Unlimited, Distributed Neural Network Models

KnowledgeScape provides advanced modeling tools including feed-forward neural network models. The models can be configured quickly and easily. The user can specify the inputs, outputs, layers, training details etc. KnowledgeScape allows an unlimited number of neural networks, and multiple neural networks may be configured to compete with one another, automatically selecting the best model for control.

Hierarchical Process Representation

KnowledgeScape provides a node tree graphical user interface. This is the center point for configuring the expert system. An object oriented approach is utilized, and the user can build “nodes” and “attributes” representing the various unit operations and data from the process to be controlled.

Graphical Rule Logic Diagram (Schematic)

KnowledgeScape includes a powerful visual rule parser that allows you to track the logic for any rule. This rule schematic is real time and allows you to watch the impact as the values of the attributes in the rules change.

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