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PID Control Versus KnowledgeScape Expert Control

Figure 1. KSX Expert Grinding Control On: Stabilized processing at optimal set points, with consideration of the entire process, minimizes downtimes and maintains the most stabile output at optimal levels. Over time, the average tonnage will increase by 3-6% as tighter control and less downtime work to the operators advantage. The KSX expert grinding control will use industry-best rule templates with both fuzzy and crisp logic as a starting point, and then use genetic algorithms and neural networks to model complex non-linear factors that are typically unmodeled (liner wear, lifter wear, etc).

Candelaria SAG mill Optimization

Figure 2. KSX Off: Traditional methods of control lack the ability to effectively predict, adapt, and control complex non-linear processes. These other methods will constantly produce large swings as they attempt to control the process and stay centered around the optimal set points. Over time, the tighter control of KDS will significantly outperform other methods of control by eliminating the large swings and respective time spent at lower unproductive combinations of set points.

Candelaria Expert SAG mill control off

Candelaria uses our expert control on their grinding, flotation, and thickening. The system is online greater than 95% of the time and it has been time-proven as a beneficial addition to their circuit.

Candelaria Tailings Thickener 1 Histogram

Expert Control on tailings thickener

Candelaria Line 1 Feed

Expert control of grinding circuit ( line 1)

Candelaria Line 2 Feed

Expert Grinding Control, Mill 1

Candelaria Grinding Expert System (Line2)

Candelaria Expert Control of Flotation, recovery results

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