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EfficiencyExpert™ is the ultimate in comprehensive minerals processing solutions combining all of our strategies and Smart Sensors in a single turnkey plant-wide project. 

EfficiencyExpert™ Solutions: Custom tailored to your specific needs, EfficiencyExpert™ distills our 30 years of minerals processing experience into a turnkey expert control solution that will automate, optimize, and increase the reliability of your minerals processing circuit. Starting with the optimization of primary crushers, then moving to the grinding circuit (SAG mill, ball mill, and cyclone), and ending with the final recovery of thickening, our expert control strategies utilize a combination of cutting edge instrumentation and our highly intelligent KSX Expert System to ensure the best possible results. With any expert control solution, stabilization and reliability are the keys to optimization in minerals processing, and for this reason, every individual strategy component is highly integrated by KSX to minimize upsets and reduce downtime. EfficiencyExpert™ adaptive control solutions typically combine all of our individual time-tested component solutions, which include; GrindingExpert™ SAG mill / Ball mill expert control, RecoveryExpert™ froth flotation expert control, and AutoFloc™ thickener expert control. By combining these component solutions in a cohesive plant-wide strategy, KSX is able to monitor and optimize the entire minerals processing circuit from start to finish, typically increasing the total output by 4-10%. On top of increasing SAG mill and flotation throughput, EfficiencyExpert™ will also significantly reduce power, water, and reagent consumption for a significant increase in total profit. Below is a quick overview of the individual component solutions typically found in an EfficiencyExpert™ strategy:

  • GrindingExpert™ Our complete expert control grinding solution for more reliable and efficient SAG mill operation. GrindingExpert™ utilizes multidimensional control of the grinding circuit, with genetic algorithms and neural networks to increase productivity. For SAG mills we will increase mill throughput, stabilize feed, reduce downtime, and extend liner/lifter life. GrindingExpert™ also can include ball mill and cyclone strategies which will reduce overloads and minimize the discharge particle size for improved liberation during the recovery stage. Read More…
  • RecoveryExpert™Our froth image analysis , froth camera, and automation solution. Using cutting edge image analysis and intelligent automation software, RecoveryExpert™ will rapidly improve recovery and significantly reduce reagent use during flotation.  The RecoveryExpert™ software combines neural networks, genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic for superior supervisory control of the flotation circuit. Typical results are a 2-4% increase in recovery, and as much as a 40% reduction in reagent usage. Read More…
  • AutoFloc™Our expert control automated thickener solution which will reduce flocculant use, optimize underflow density, and reduce upsets. In CIL circuits, increases in recovery can also be expected as the underflow density is stabilized. AutoFloc™ is able to utilize neural networks, genetic algorithms, and fuzzy logic for superior adaptive control of the thickener circuit. Read More…

Each EfficiencyExpert™ solution is custom tailored to your specific needs, these projects can include; grinding circuit automation and SAG mill optimization, image analysis & expert control on conveyor feed, froth flotation image analysis and optimization, thickener/floc automation, and KSX’s adaptive decision making software.


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