Cortez Gold SAG Mill Optimization

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We have implemented SAG and ball mill expert control solutions and thickener control in the past at cortez. Below are the results from the SAG mill optimization. SAG mill throughput was increased by 9.3%. It is interesting to note that the expert control of the SAG mill alone yielded a 6% increase. This is the result of KSX’s SAG mill expert control rule templates which stabilizes and maximizes throughput. With the addition of optimizers (neural networks and genetic algorithms) throughput was increased an additional 3.3%. The optimizers are able to account for unmodeled dynamics such as liner and lifter wear. The optimizers in KSX are able to use our 30 years of minerals processing experience as a starting point, and then create new and better set point combinations as it explores the multidimensional optimization space with cutting edge optimization routines.

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Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.33.12 AMGrinding Size Optimization

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