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AutoFloc™ is a turnkey thickener solution that will automate flocculant addition, minimize bed slides and high rake torque instances, stabilize flow and underflow density, and reduce reagent use.

Flocculent overdosing is a common and often times costly mistake that can occur during the thickening stage. Not only are the flocculant costs unnecessarily high when overdosing, the secondary effect of poor flocculent control is that the unstable thickener operation negatively impacts the efficiency of downstream processes like Carbon-In-Leaching. 

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As feed ore characteristics change, the variations in underflow density  can cause stratifications and flow through problems in the CIL circuit which require the mill to cut throughput. AutoFloc™ will work to maintain consistent thickener operation to minimize upsets and variations in output density. This will help increase mill throughput and recovery, and help reduce flocculant costs.

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