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missionAt Knowledgescape, we strive to provide our customers with industry-best solutions to increase the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of their concentrator. No matter how unique or difficult your processing circuit is is, we have the expertise, innovative spirit, and cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible results in the least amount of time.

We have a hard fought reputation in the minerals processing industry that has been built upon 40 years of providing first in class expert control solutions to our clients. Since pioneering the first uses of expert systems in minerals processing, we have continued to innovate, reinvent , and bring new products to market.  Over the years we have been recognized for our contributions to the minerals industry by the Society of Mining and Exploration (SME Gaudin Award Winners) and Control Engineering Magazine (Editors Choice: Best Product) .


We specialize in using Advanced Process Control systems to greatly improve concentrator performance and efficiency. We offer a full range of smart sensors and highly intelligent automation software that will ensure the maximum potential of your concentrator is realized.

KSX Expert System – KSX is the center of our optimization projects. KSX can be used to optimize any processes including  crushing, grinding, sizing, flotation, and thickening. KSX is highly intelligent software that integrates fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical process control techniques, and a client server architecture to provide an easy to use, on line, real time, global optimization solution to the process control industry. A single KSX license is powerful enough to optimize your entire concentrator, and there is no need to purchase additional add-ons or modules at anytime. Right out of the box, KSX is highly intelligent software that is the “brain” of any operation and it is fully capable of intelligent decision making and increasing performance by… Read More… Download KSX Trial

PlantVision™ – PlantVision is a very valuable smart sensor for grinding or flotation circuits. By using High Definition cameras to obtain measurements,  the system is able perform coarse particle size analysis (particle size distribution and ore property analysis) on conveyor belts, or froth quality analysis (Froth velocity, color, etc ) on flotation cells. This data is extremely valuable when optimizing crushing, grinding, or flotation circuits. PlantVision is the most valuable…read more

MillScanner – Using a highly innovative acoustic solution, MillScanner™ accurately and continuously monitors the internal contents of your mill to ensure that you are able to maintain an ideal volumetric load in order to safely increase throughput.  The industry standard of using bearing pressure and/or power draw as a process variable to optimize a mill has many drawbacks. This is primarily because these values are simply proxies to estimate the amount of material in the mill (volumetric load), and many factors can change these readings including mill direction, temperature, and ore size. For example, bearing pressure is simply an indicator of the total mass of material in the mill. As ore size changes, if you continue to target the same bearing pressure target, you will often times be running the mill inefficiently. This is because the ideal volumetric load (ideal amount of material in the mill) also changes as a function of ore size.  With the MillScanner™ you can now run your mill at peak volumetric efficiency at all times to obtain higher throughput The end result is a mill that produces more tonnage and has less downtime. Read More…  

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The Best Companies Use KnowledgeScape. Over three decades, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner, and demonstrated the ability to provide a superior expert control product at the best price. Because of this, our strategies are used in the biggest and best concentrators in the world. Please call us for a full client list and references at any time.

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KnowledgeScape is very aggressive in our pricing, and we guarantee to not only beat any competitor on price, but in value. Our customer service and technical support is second-to-none, and we guarantee the best possible solutions for your minerals processing plant.

Because the scope of a typical project can vary greatly, we also offer a wide range of solutions at varying price points. The great thing about working with KnowledgeScape is that our years of experience will result in the quickest implementation possible and provide the best possible results. This means less downtime to our customers, and larger increases in your profits. Feel free to contact us at anytime and we can provide a timely and highly competitive quote for  your automation and optimization needs.


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