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KnowledgeScape, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a pioneer in developing and implementing Expert Systems within the global minerals industry. Our market focus is on increasing efficiency with turn-key projects including Expert Systems, optimization strategies and image analysis for mineral processing.

Our Solutions

We have several products that will independently increase the efficiency and productivity of mineral processing. Typically though, we opt for implementing a combination of these products for a comprehensive solution that is simple yet highly effective: Our Smart Sensors (PlantVision & MillScanner) obtain invaluable information from the sights and sounds occurring during various stages of processing. By doing this, the Smart Sensors act effectively as the eyes and ears of a process at all times and instantaneously spot any negative trends. The continuous stream of information obtained from the Smart Sensors, along with other sources of traditional data, is then processed by the “brain” of the operation, the KSX software package. KSX is capable of  learning, predicting, and exploring new possibilities to ensure that your processes are being innovated and optimized at all times. When used with our Smart Sensors solutions, KSX is proven to increase output by 4-10%.

4-10% increase in tonnage when using KSX and Smart sensor to control mineral processing.

4-10% increase in tonnage when using KSX and Smart Sensors to control mineral processing.

KSX Intelligent Software

KnowledgeScape’s advanced process control software integrates fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms, statistical process control techniques and client server architecture to provide an easy to use, on line, real time, global optimization solution to the process control industry. It’s highly intelligent software is the “brain” of any operation and it is fully capable of intelligent decision making and increasing tonnage by… Read More…


PlantVision advanced image analysis software provides invaluable information for the optimization of mineral processing plants. The software provides coarse particle size analysis for Sag mill feed conveyors including ore color analysis and size distribution. The software also provides advanced image analysis for froth flotation including bubble size, froth velocity and froth color analysis. Read More…


Using a highly innovative acoustic solution, MillScanner™ accurately and continuously monitors contents to help safely optimize a mill’s speed. Other competing methods do not accurately detect over-throw in the mill at high speeds. This results in shortened liner life and significant down time. With the MillScanner™ you can now safely run the mill at higher speeds, with greater reliability, and do so with absolute confidence. The end result is a mill that produces more tonnage and has less downtime. Read More…